Cooling and Ventilation

Efficient cooling and ventilation

Any Data Centre is only as good as the supporting services which maintain its environment to that specification which is laid down by computer equipment manufacturers. This environment must be permanently maintained. If it is not, the consequences could be catastrophic.

TKR have considerable experience and a detailed knowledge of the specialist design, build, installation and maintenance techniques required to provide the very high specification climate control systems required in such circumstances.

Running 24 hours a day, 365 day a year, Data Centres consume a considerable amount of power!  Using energy more efficiently is a must!  Therefore, reduced emissions and lower running costs are our priority.

Our goal is to vastly reduce your energy consumption.  We deliver efficient buildings and services, based upon reduced plant losses, smart controls and the implementation of free cooling techniques!

Cooling and Ventilation
Our mission is to create efficient, cost effective and technically superior facilities which are flexible, scalable and able to meet the ever changing power and cooling demands of latest generation IT equipment.