TKR Gets Great Results for Testing Laboratory Project

The Client

One of the world's leading names in the development and manufacture of chemicals, plastics and agricultural products, BASF employs more than 95,000 people across the globe. In the UK, BASF Plc's site in Cheadle, Cheshire, provides a base for extensive R&D activity.

The Challenge

The BASF site at Cheadle comprises several buildings and when an area of the site was sold, a calibration and test laboratory needed to be moved to an alternative building.

The lab contained a wide range of delicate, high value technical equipment that had to be put into storage and handled with extreme care. It was also essential that the new building was fitted out with the right mechanical and electrical services to deliver power and water to current lab specifications and anticipated future needs. All of this had to be completed in as short a time frame as possible, to avoid the lab being out of action for too long.

The Solution

TKR started the project by creating the space required in the new building, and before anything was moved from the old lab, the company carried out a consultation with the lab team to establish what services were required at each workstation and for each piece of kit.

TKR then began the process of decommissioning the old lab, putting the equipment into storage. The decommissioning process revealed that additional services were required for some pieces of equipment and TKR used this information, along with the data collected during the consultation, to design and install the mechanical and electrical services for the new lab.

The electrical fit-out required careful isolation and strip-out of the existing and redundant services. Modifications and upgrades were made to the main electrical switchgear, a new fire alarm was successfully integrated with the existing site system and mechanical controls installed to the Air Handling Units and Fume cupboards, along with general LV Power, Lighting and Emergency Lighting.

The existing laboratory was refurbished and altered to accommodate the relocated equipment and required new benching, plasterboard stud partition, new suspended ceilings, decoration and flooring.

The project was completed under a guaranteed maximum price agreement and fit out was delivered ahead of schedule, allowing commissioning of the new lab to take place well within deadline.

Lab facilities are business critical to the site at BASF in Cheadle so relocating this lab as quickly and efficiently as possible was essential.
The team from TKR took a methodical approach to ensuring all the required services were available for the specialist equipment as part of the lab fit out design process. But they still delivered the project on time and within budget.

Chris Lundie, Facilities Management, BASF Plc, Cheadle